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General Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Attorneys at Law provide specialized and quality legal advice on issues of litigation arising from various areas of the law. Litigation is an unpleasant experience and our lawyers constantly evaluate each case on its own merit. They are equipped with vast knowledge, experience and training to effectively attend to our client’s best interests.
Family Law
On matters of family, family being the heart of our society, our group of advocates are equipped with vast knowledge in Family law matters. We represent clients undergoing divorce proceedings and judicial separation, custody of children and their support and adoption and general matters touching on Family Law.
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Entertainment Law
Includes various areas of intellectual property blending together to protect the rights of authors, performers, owners and businesses for their creative accomplishments.
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Intellectual Property Law
This is an area of practice we specialize in, it involves aspects of law that include:-
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Taxation and Audit Law
We understand the Legal intricacies of Malawi Tax regime. Our firm is well versed in the tax field of Transfer Pricing, Income Tax, Tax Procedures, Filing of cases to the Tax Tribunal, Custom and Excise Laws, Capital gains and Corporate Tax.
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Welcome to Robert Lexis Global Consultants

Robert Lexis Global Consultants, is a firm born of resolve for excellence, and offers a comprehensive range of services with the very best representation. We act quickly and efficiently from the moment we receive your instructions and guarantee personalised service from the onset. Due to the size of our firm, we can maintain a cost-effective and client-focused practice.

commercial law
We specialise in a range of legal services that include Commercial Law, Tax Law, Insurance law, Insolvency, Probate, Land Law, Criminal Law, General Civil Litigation and all family law related matters.
Core Values
We value honesty, diligence, timeliness, effectiveness and speed. We undertake to dispose of all legal issues with the desirable speed and quality.
We undertake to provide our clients with dedication, an approachable attitude and quality legal services. We strive to retain our clients through a continuation of excellence.
We resolve to provide our clients with dedication, an approachable attitude, and quality legal services and to retain our clients through a continuation of excellence.



Felix Tambulasi LL.B (Hons) Mw, LL.M

(Commercial Law) UK Senior Partner

Felix Tambulasi is an attorney with eighteen years’ experience in legal work with specialization in Commercial, Insolvency, Corporate, and Tax Law.

He also has vast experience in Company Secretarial, Digital and Broadcasting Law. He is an Expert in Tax and Media Law

Counsel Bob Chimkango

Bob Chimkango LL.B (Hons) Mw

Senior Partner

Bob Chimkango is an attorney with sixteen years’ experience in legal work including prosecution, litigation, legal research and law reform.

He is well experienced in land law, personal injuries, Criminal Law, Probate Law, Company Secretarial and legal managerial work

Areas of Expertise and Practice

 Robert Lexis Global Consultants Company Advocates offer a diversity of expertise in all areas of major practice. We are a full service law firm with leading expertise in various areas of Law in Malawi. The partners offer a full complement of Legal Services in the following fields of law:-

Corporate and Commercial Law
There are various ways to do business. While you as our client undertakes to carry on with your day to day running of your business. We take care of your legal needs arising from the commercial aspect of your business.
Property and Conveyancing Law
Malawi today is experiencing a construction boom due to the changing economic times. The projects are of an unprecedented scale. Our lawyers are well vast with the Property and Conveyancing Law.
General Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Our Attorneys at Law provide specialized and quality legal advice on issues of litigation arising from various areas of the law.
Constitutional and Administrative Law
Issues of violation of the constitution are intricate. Cases dealing with constitutional issues are of importance due to the impact they have on people.
Labour and Employment Law
The firm advises its clients on the legal aspects of employment and labour law to ensure full compliance with all the applicable laws and provisions. We further represent our client’s matters of breach of the employment law.
Banking and Finance
The firm’s attorneys’ have specialized knowledge and experience in banking and finance law to enable them efficiently assist financial institutions in their day to day operations.

What Our Clients are Saying

Mfunjo Mwenifumbo


The attorney’s in Robert Lexis Global Consultants have an excellent knowledge of the law, and believe in meticulous preparation of the cases, which is evident when you discuss the matters with them.

Edwin Gunsalu Phiri


I’ve had the pleasure of having Robert Lexis Global Consultants represent me before various forum and can recommend them without reservation. This Law firm has always been extremely thorough in communications.

Henry Kachepatsonga


Robert Lexis Global Consultants dedication towards their work and respect for others make the entire team a great asset. They have a very positive attitude and are always working towards meeting deadlines and goals.

Limbani Kwanunkhatonde


Lawyers have a reputation for being cold hearted and only interested in facts. However, from the moment I first had dealings with Robert Lexis Global Consultants, they've shown the personal, genuine, human side of their nature, and I feel so proud, so lucky, to call them my lawyers.